IT DevOps internship

About the TIOBE IT team:

Our IT Team is responsible for the IT infra structure to develop and maintain our market leading TiCS framework and related tool suits. TiCS provides automatic and continuous measurement of software quality. The IT team ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all relevant data and services critical to the business of TIOBE and their customers.

Marvin Wener - Chief Technology Officer TIOBE

Job description

Set up the tool suite in such a way that processes are integrated as smoothly as possible. There are some challenges on the way. To name a few: we already have Continuous Integration, now on to Continuous Delivery, further transition to the cloud, tightening of IT security.

We are looking for someone who will challenge us towards not only a solution for today but the solution for the future.


  • Can-Do mentality: Thinking in possibilities and not afraid to fail.
  • Analytically strong: Ability to see how small changes can have major consequences
  • Stakeholder management: Able to involve the various stakeholders in the changes
  • Working in a planned manner: Prepare and facilitate improvements in a clear and orderly fashion.

Working conditions

The best thing about TIOBE is that with a relatively compact team we are able to make a huge impact worldwide in the field of software quality. This means that you have room to develop yourself in various directions.

In this role you develop yourself at a rapid pace in the technical field, in clear and transparent communication and in leadership by taking responsibility for challenging problems.

Guidance is provided by experienced professionals, mainly focused on where you want to take steps yourself, how you see yourself that you could do more for TIOBE.

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