About TIOBE Development team:
Our product development team is responsible for the development and testing of our market leading TiCS framework. TiCS provides automatic and continuous measurement of software quality.

TiCS consists of many parts, among others, acquisition of raw quality data, driving commercial solutions for parts of the quality puzzle, TIOBE own applications, visualization and reporting for different types of users, from bit to board (software developers, managers).

Marvin Wener - Chief Operations Officer TIOBE

Job description
As a lead tester you are responsible for the quality assurance and stability of the TiCS product in all its aspects. This includes:

  • Guarding the test process.
  • Monitor the status of the tests.
  • Facilitate developers in test automation.
  • Collaborate with the TIOBE service team.
  • Testing new/changed functionality, test automation.
  • Preventing/detecting regressions.
  • Think along/improve test process, software development process.

As lead tester, you are a full member of the product development team. This means that you are also involved with:

  • Software development processes.
  • TiCS product development, product evolution.
  • Technical discussions.
  • Meeting user requirements regarding the product.

For our product development team, TIOBE is looking for a full-time lead tester:

  • BSc, MSc in software related areas.
  • Analytical and solution driven mindset, innovative, out of the box, creative.
  • Customer oriented, good communicative skills, honest, curious.
  • Working autonomous, but also a team player; knowledge management, sharing.
  • Technical knowledge in the team.
  • Proven experience as a quality assurance engineer/test engineer or similar.
  • Test planning, roadmapping, techniques; scenario based, risk based, performance.
  • Skilled in test automation.
  • UI Integration and system testing.
  • Agile.
  • Cucumber/Gherkin, Python, SQL (C/C++/C#/Java is a plus).
  • Build automation software (Make/MSBuild/Maven/Apache Ant…).
  • Experience with test management software.

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