Quality research internship

About TIOBE Quality team:

Our quality team is responsible for improving code quality in customer organizations, utilizing the TiCS framework and adequate quality models. In addition, the quality team is responsible to further develop quality models and quality standards.

One of the responsibilities of the quality team is the quality lab in which independent code quality assessments are performed.

Benjamin Jurg - Chief Quality Officer TIOBE

Job description

TIOBE has developed a deep understanding on software quality of the 20 years with over 1 billion lines of code checked, every day. We realize that software as discipline is relatively new and the worldwide understanding about software quality is only now getting more mature. TIOBE want to take the responsibility to steer towards better understanding of software quality with a range of challenging research questions.


  • Eager to explore the realm of software quality.
  • Solid understanding of Software development/programming.
  • Able to balance between solid research principles and steering towards research results.
  • Preferably some understanding about quality standards like ISO/IEC 25010.

Working conditions

Mentoring is done by a team with unique in-depth expertise on software quality, driving towards profound understanding of software quality. On regular basis trainees are happily mentored towards successful graduation.

With a very personal approach, TIOBE can support you towards your own desired competence development.

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